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Are You Adding Barriers To Making Your Own Videos?

8 second lesson

πŸ‘‰The uncomfortable truth πŸ‘ˆ  is that we put barriers between ourselves and making videos so we don't have to make videos…

🚫 Once I get this light I'll start

🚫 Let me refine this script a little more

🚫 I'll watch one more video tutorial

It’s procrastination. We call it other things. But it’s procrastinating… and that’s ok. It’s normal. 

βœ… The problem with it is you are delaying the joy and opportunity that awaits you.

βœ… The joy that it isn’t anywhere near as bad as you imagined.

The opportunity that comes when you put yourself out there and don’t expect to get it right all the time.

Jump in front of a smartphone and PRESS THE RED BUTTON πŸ”΄

Speak with warmth and sincerity and with the aim to help someone else and your videos will start to work for you.

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