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Are You Afraid of Making Mistakes?

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Are you afraid of making mistakes? Could a failure resume help?


Shame is so powerful and so unfair.


Yet the education system - that we are all products of -  is founded on it.


School is binary; there’s only two answers.


There’s the right answer and the wrong answer.


If you get the wrong answer the system will reprocess you until you get the right answer.


Our formative years, driven by a fear of the consequences of getting the wrong answer: shame.


We duly arrive at the workplace, minted with a fear of failure.


But we blend in.


We all pretend we know everything. We’re all too scared to raise our hands and say I don’t know. Most of us are incapable of saying I was wrong.


What can we do to change this?


Here’s what I did.


I created a failure resume.


A list of my failures and the lessons I learned with improvements I made.


There it was. In black and white. Making mistakes made me better. I grew.


Keeping your failure resume private works. Making it public works better.


From my decades of observing thousands and thousands of people through my documentary camera lens, I saw patterns in behaviours.


This was one of them.


Owning failures and improving through lessons learned is common in successful people.


The strong say I was wrong.


Got some failures you want to share? What did you learn?



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