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Are You Booking a Motivational Keynote Speaker or Trainer?

keynote speaker motivational speaker

Let's reframe this: If you are summarising your main points you have not delivered a motivational talk, you have delivered an informational session.

A motivational talk moves people to take action.

We can only do one thing at a time. Right.

What is the one clear message? What is the one thing you want them to take away? If you had one minute only, what is it you would tell people?

People can find your summary of points in your writing/posts/website/handouts.

This last part of your talk is your chance to drive home your one clear message.


I’m a motivational keynote speaker on Leadership and Change.

I show business leaders simple ways to give their people the skills and the confidence to get through not only this disruption, but the next, and the next, and next.


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