Are You Trying to Be Too Perfect In Your Business Videos


Is perfectionism hurting your videos?

Have you ever heard of the pratfall effect? A pratfall is a comedic cinematic effect where the character falls flat on their bum and everyone starts laughing. It's a very much a slapstick technique. You see it in the old Buster Keaton movies.

Well, there's a psychological effect built around that. It's called the Pratfall Effect, and what it says, if you're a competent person and you make a blunder, then the counter-intuitive effect is that you become more likeable.

Now, there's a caveat on that. If you're a dickhead and you keep doing dickhead things, you're still a dickhead.

So how does this affect you and making your videos? Well, if you are a slave to perfectionism, if you won't let a video go out because it's just not perfect, counterintuitively, you might be turning away audiences seeking more authentic interactions on video.

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