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Are you worried about being criticised?

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Are you worried about being criticised? Yes?


You can change that.


You can take the sting out of criticism by using this simple 3 step process.


The key is that you are prepared to deal with it BEFORE it happens.


First up, understand that you are not special. You don’t get a free pass. No one is exempt from criticism. Everyone who stands up to be heard gets criticised. It’s human nature.


But keep it in perspective, especially online.


My old YouTube channel had 140K subscribers. 5% hated me...consistently.


It used to hurt until I came to my senses. If I had walked into a room of twenty people and only one person disliked me. How lucky am I?


This is how I deal with criticism.


I call it eat the fish, spit out the bones.




There are 3 simple steps.


๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผStep 1. HUMILITY


Is there anything here? I am not above criticism. Do they have a point?


๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผStep 2. CONVICTION


There are a million things I don’t know and I don’t talk about them.  As long as I stay in my lane and talk about the small slice that I do know about, I’m entitled to speak.




Haters are hurting. Their situation, story, and their mindset are so low that the best thing they can do with their time is try to tear others down to lift themselves. Have a little compassion.


This is what I write. No more. No less. (credit for this reply: Dr Phil)


Copy and paste this paragraph below:


‘Thank you for caring enough to share your thoughts because it took time for you to respond. I disagree with a lot of what you said but I hear you. If you’ll consider fact-checking me and if there are some things I said that are not factual then come back to me and let’s talk about that.’


Don’t let random bored online strangers stop you.

Don’t let random bored online strangers steal your time.


What strategy/reply do you use? Tell us.


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