Authenticity is Non Negotiable on Videos


Customers have a big appetite for video. Not just any video. Authentic video.👉 What is authentic video? 👈 

🔘Authentic video is the opposite of highly polished, precisely scripted, perfectly presented corporate videos that leave you feeling manipulated. 

🔘Authentic videos typically feel less scripted. 

🔘Authentic video is not about quality. They can look amateurish or be beautifully packaged. The authenticity is in the person and the message. 

🔘Would the person on the screen be the same if you met them in the street? Would they tell me the same thing if I met them over coffee? 

✅✅✅ Authenticity is directly related to how trustworthy the video feels.

❓So if trust matters to you and your business, how are you going to meet this growing demand for authentic video?

I didn't give Sally Prosser much chance to talk in this clip but check out Sally's insights into TikTok in other videos in this series.

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