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Better Video Testimonials: Great Answers Are Born From Great Questions

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Better Video Testimonials: 

👉Great Answers Are Born From Great Questions👈

How come most video testimonials suck?

Video is such a great medium to capture testimonials from your clients. 

They’ve just experienced your magic. Their face exudes excitement; their lips pressed with respect; their head tilted in favour of you. All subtle clues that they are going to say something good about YOU and your service…

and then it all melts away because you ask the wrong question. 

Use this simple template: “Tell me your name and what’s the ONE THING you thought when …[finished the call with me today] [when you listened to today’s speaker][used our product for the first time]” 

✅Everyone can speak their name and ‘the one thing I thought was…’ gets them up to speaking speed. 

✅This acts as an on-ramp to the speaking freeway.

✅Ask a good question and you’ll get a better answer


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