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Business Video Strategy: Which Smartphone Has the Best Video Camera

best camera quality smartphone strategy video

So let’s say you’re thinking about creating a video strategy for your business and you think you might use smartphone video recording and smartphone video production?

If you’re asking which smartphone has the best camera, you’re asking the wrong question? 

Pretty much all smartphone cameras will give you better results than you need.

  • The iPhone has a lens better than the Hubble space telescope.
  • We mostly watch videos on our smartphones and if we do watch it on our desktop at work it is almost always viewed in a small window on our screen
  • and most importantly - and always keep this in mind - the sharper the camera lens the sharper your wrinkles are.

Please understand that overproduced videos are not where your ROI is going to come from. It’s going to come from authentic selfie type videos where you reach out and say here, I’ve got something I think will help you.

Three questions to ask when choosing your smartphone…

  1. What are you already familiar with? Don’t overcomplicate things. Stick with what you know.
  2. What feels good in your hands? You record better video when you are relaxed.
  3. What does everyone else in your workplace use? Easy access to another phone is great for a second camera or when yours gets caught in an unexpected system upgrade.

The most important question…

How much memory can you afford?

Video is data-hungry. Having plenty of free memory is critical. Successful video strategy is built around habits and disciplines, not technology. Always struggling to find room on your phone is a bad habit and won’t make you money. 

256GB is my recommendation.

TIP: If you have your best 14,000 photos that you can’t possibly live without then you might need to go to 512GB or you could move them onto a separate hard drive.


If money is no barrier, then go knock yourself out and get the latest and biggest.

If money is an issue I recommend going for an older model that you can get for a cheaper price, then you can get 256GB of memory. 

I know 256GB works because that’s what I use.

and the sweetener… don’t give your old phone away… it is now your really useful second camera

...and that’s one of the great things about a smartphone video strategy, every-time you upgrade your phone, you upgrade your video system and that is a good strategy.


If you want to develop a video strategy that moves you from likes to leads

if you want to get on-camera presentation confidence and go from shy to shine

if you want to get good video skills and go from feeling like a disaster to a master

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