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Camera Manufacturers Dirty Little Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

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This is what camera manufacturers don’t want you to know…



Did you know that professional cameras have hardly any of the features you find on consumer cameras? 


For decades shooting for ABC TV, BBC, National Geographic 



2️⃣ I pushed 2 buttons


3️⃣ I toggled 3 switches


4️⃣ I rotated 4 dials



That’s it.


You know the instruction manual that comes with your camera


that outline all those amazing features…


95% of those features are marketing gimmicks. 



👉🏼 Brushes don’t make the artist


👉🏼 Typewriters don’t make the writer


👉🏼 Fancy pants cameras don’t make better videos


👉🏼 It is good video habits that earn you money.



From this point on, we're finished playing with toys.


Spend most of your time learning good video habits 


if you want to see a return on your video spend.



I give you more solid camera recommendations on page 37 of my book PRESS THE RED BUTTON




Find it at


presstheredbutton dot video









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