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Can I Look And Sound Comfortable And Confident On Video?

busking public speaking self confidence video presentation

When I first started performing magic I used to busk to get experience. It was scary. I would stand in the busy tourist square at Southbank in Brisbane, start making some noise, calling to people who were busy going elsewhere.

Once I had one, then it was three and so the crowd would build.

During the show, I would stand on my case to get higher so more people could see what I was doing. It was then that I saw them. Usually two, maybe be three. Men more so than women. They stood there, a little back from the group, arms folded. Silent sentinels studying me, my every move. I knew who they were. 

They were me, ten years earlier.

I would watch these street performers and marvel at how they could gather a crowd and keep them there. It was a real mystery to me.

Over time I learned the strategies and tactics. None of this was random. It was planned. It was definitely something I could learn. It is teachable.

So if you wonder if you could present yourself comfortably and confidently in front of a video camera, then I would encourage you to follow this further. My experience in teaching many others is that it is very achievable.

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