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Can You Learn, Unlearn and Relearn?

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How good are you at dealing with change? There is a no more important question you can ask yourself as we move into the 2020’s.

Find change difficult? Let me introduce you to Frank. 

Frank built supermarkets and carwashes.

A no-nonsense, knockabout sort of guy 

Frank went everywhere with a hard hat, a roll of plans and a surveyor's ‘theodolite' under the other.

Frank was asked to submit a quote to build a temple

Not just any temple, the largest Taoist temple outside of mainland China, and it was just down the road from where he lives in Australia.

Frank thought this'll be a laugh so he drew up some plans. 

He didn't bargain on it but he got the job.

First though, the alignment ceremony.

What’s that? 

“We need to align the site to a spiritual energy axis of the water and the mountains,” the Taoists smiled.

Right said Frank. See you there 9 am Monday morning.

So Frank rolls up with his hard hat, his set of plans and his theodolite

They roll up with two Taoist masters they had flown out from China but before he can even get his theodolite set up the robe-clad masters had picked up two sticks, pushed them into the sand and said align the temple to this perfect axis of sea and mountains.

Yeah, right you are said Frank, The Taoist Masters left.  But his curiosity was piqued, so he followed up on this, and they were spot on.

Frank got curios-er and curious-er. He asked questions. His ideas were challenged. He learned, unlearned and relearned.

Well, the short of it is Frank became a Taoist monk.

Talk about a transformation.   

  • he went from meat and mash potato sort of guy to vegetarian
  • Catholicism to Taoism
  • from builders boots to toe sandals

Frank has always served as my yardstick for personal change. If Frank can change then anyone can change.

This is an important time. We need to be able to change.

 Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

One of the defining characteristics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will be constant change.

How are you with change? With learning and unlearning and relearning?

I’m really good at it. I came hard-wired for it, I’ve lived it and I’ve studied it. But there are so many who aren’t. That’s not criticism. It’s an observation. And it worries me.

This is why I teach my Courage Compass methodology. It’s a process for transformation.

This is why I teach Get Video Smart. Video is the language of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will feature prominently in our lives and work.

So you must ask yourself how you are with dealing with change? If you work over the coming years on improving your agility to change you will have an edge on those who ignore the signs. 

Start right now by staying informed. Come and sign up for my Compass newsletter. I’m out there listening and reading and asking. At least let me be your eyes and ears.

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