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Convert Association Prospects to Members Using Smartphone Video

asscociations association smartphone video strategy

Convert Association Prospects to Members Using Smartphone Video

This video runs 7 mins and will show you the process step by step. Below this video you'll find links to some of the free resources.

If you’re an association and you’re not getting a great conversion rate on your prospects becoming members then try this


You need three pieces of technology


  1. Smartphone.. the one you have is perfect…. no cost

  2. A free version of Loom… shoot n share software that enables you to send a video faster than you can an email

  3. Either a Youtube account… free OR a $5 a month account with Easy Web Video https://www.easywebvideo.com/simple-from-easy-web-video/


This is typically what an association prospect sees when they apply for information

it’s cold and impersonal  https://saaa.org.au/membership/join-online



Create a webpage on your site like this


shoot these videos on your smartphone

60 secs long

upload to youtube and embed the videos here

or use Easy Web Video


Video 1&2

Hi, I’m….

I help these people

with these issues

get theses results


Video 3

My name is…

I’m a…

My problem was…

This association helped me by…..

This association can benefit you like it has me


Video 4

Consistency of benefits and results



Put a Call to Action

Learn more

Get membership Details

Be Our Guest


This is what your VP of Membership does when an enquiry comes in

They open up this page  https://www.julianmather.com/association-membership

Then they open an app like Loom

Vidyard  Bonjoro   Bomb Bomb

These are free and I have no affiliation

You can now easily record your screen and a video of you

You click record. A 3>2>1 countdown appears then you say something like this


"Hi Natalie

I got your message about joining our association.

Look in the chat box below this video and the link for this page you are seeing is right there. 

I’d love for you to hear from our association members themselves

these videos are 60 seconds long each

you’ll get a good feel if we are a fit for you

then at the bottom of the page there’s a button for you to take the next steps

and my name and contact details if you have any other questions

Look forward to meeting you in person"


Then hit stop

This is your own personal page. Only you and the person in the email will see it.

enter their email hit send

Video shortens the sales cycle by putting us face to face earlier

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