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Could I Be A Motivational Speaker? Ask These 3 Things

keynote speaker motivational speaker


List job roles, major things you have
done/achieved in your work/business life.

Give each answer a ranking from 1-10


What are the core things you are good
at? NB: focus primarily here on skills you
can sell to “work/business”.

Give each answer a ranking from 1-10


What do you feel most on top
of your game doing? What lights your fire, and what would
you feel the MOST comfortable doing if I
asked you to keynote on it tomorrow.

Give each answer a ranking from 1-10

Now find a top ranking PURPOSE and see if your top ranking EXPERIENCE & SKILLS BACK IT UP. Play around with it. Now you have a good start point.

(credit: I learned this from Speaker Business Academy with Michael Arnot & Marty Wilson)


I’m a motivational keynote speaker on Leadership and Change.

I show business leaders simple ways to give their people the skills and the confidence to get through not only this disruption, but the next, and the next, and next.


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