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Distractions Dilute Your Video Message

video presentation

You’ve probably noticed that newsreaders on TV have a certain ‘look’. 

They may be male or female. Older or younger. Attractive to you maybe? Maybe not. 

By and large, they all share one thing in common: they have good facial symmetry. 

The left and right sides of their faces show little difference.

This is not a fluke of hiring. 

Distractions detract from the messages being delivered. 

If the newsreader you were watching had a lop-sided mouth, or a wonky ear or a wayward eyebrow, and it was distracting enough that you turned to your couch mate and commented, it means you aren’t focused. 

You could be missing the message being delivered.

What distractions can you remove from your videos by paying attention to detail?

Loose threads on clothes. 

A pimple on your nose needs a dab of concealer. 

Jingly jangly bangles that jingle jangle with every movement. Long hair that constantly needs to be flicked back. 

Patterned shirts or blouses that draw the focus away from your face. 

Moving graphics that don’t support the words being spoken. 

Dandruff. Nasal hairs. Ear hairs. 

and raspy coughs. Keep lozenges by your side for every video shoot.

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