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Do You Always Get Writer’s Block When You Make Videos

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What video do I make?

What do I say?


So many videos don’t make it past this point.


You typically hear this referred to as writer’s block.


If you’re an amateur, then writer’s block is a luxury you can afford.


If you are turning up to make videos that drive 


👉🏼your business 

👉🏼your vision

👉🏼your mission


then we need to follow the lead of


American playwright and filmmaker David Mamet…


“Writer’s block; it’s a nice idea but I can’t afford it.”


It’s not just you.


I would get stuck starting too


but realised I couldn’t afford to be stuck


so I created my own system 


to create video content without the pain.




If video is even a little bit hard you just won’t do it.




I’ve created looked at the best practices of others


and mixed it with my own passion for using templates 


to make my video creation easier.


Here’s a simple video story template that has made billions of dollars for Pixar animation studios


- - - - - 




Once upon a time ________.


Every day, _______.


One day, _______.


Because of that, _______.


Because of that, _______.


Until finally, ____________.


- - - - - 


I share these templates with you


in Day 3 Compelling Video Content Creation


of The Confident Video Presenter Academy


where I show you how to overcome the fear of video in 7 days.


Come join me and you’ll see how you can show up on video and win more trust, authority, clients and jobs with video.


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