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Do You Realise How Much Video We Watch Now?


Next time you are driving, look out your window 

Notice all the passengers with heads down looking at phones.

Now wonder why billboard advertising is still growing?

That’s because old habits die hard.

Big brands are big machines that are hard to turn.

But people aren’t looking out windows, they’re looking at screens.

Videos are easier to watch on small screens than reading text.

So if you answered ‘week’ then you are wrong… Buzzzzzz… it’s a trick question!

It’s every day.

People are watching record amounts of digital video.

Every minute 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. 

More people are watching YouTube on their TV screens. 

Where TV satisfied our needs of being entertained, getting lost in other worlds and keeping up with news and cultural events, Youtube videos are satisfying different needs: reflecting, connecting and learning. 

Plus Youtube is a huge search engine; some say the second-largest behind Google.  

The implications are if you’re not making videos, you’re not being found.

If you are making videos, do you understand the new rules that are evolving? If you don’t. You may be throwing money at the wrong places like billboard advertisers are.

So one billion hours are video are watched every day.

There’s a wave of video coming for our businesses. 

Are you ready for the ride?

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