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Do You Really Want To Overcome Video Shyness



I had never seen anything like this before.

A year is too long.

A day is too short.

But a week is relatable. 

I know how long a week is. I can feel it. I can recount it in detail.

To be able to see all the weeks of my life on a sheet of A4 paper stopped me in my tracks.

That’s it. No more than what you see. That’s my allocation.

Where are you on this chart?

Right now I am at 61. 

I can clearly see the remaining weeks of my life. Sheesh!

This one sheet of paper helps me do one thing more than anything else.

It helps me be selective because I can SEE that I haven’t got time to do everything.

So if you desire to be fearless and famous in front of a video camera taking what’s in your heart and head to the world…

then you have to decide that’s what you want to allocate some of these precious weeks of your life to.

Without you making that decision - and you may decide it’s not worth it for you to which I applaud you for getting that clarity - weeks will continue to slide by and you’ll still be at the starting line bashing yourself up for not starting.

If you feel I can help you get started in any way, please each out and let’s start a conversation.


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