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Is Conventional Video Wisdom Holding You Back?


A woman was preparing a leg roast. She sawed off the end of the bone. Why do you do that she was asked?

"Because it makes it taste better." Really? "Yes, my mother taught me that."

They went to her mother and asked where'd you learn this secret? She said she learned it from her mother. 

They went to the grandmother and asked the same question. She too had learned it from her mother.

The great-grandmother was still alive so they went to her.

Why does sawing the end from a leg roast make it taste better?

The great-grandmother said, "Well I don't know about the taste but - and she spreads her hands 30 cms apart - my oven was only this big.”

The commo wisdom is tempting. It’s an easy path to an answer. It’s often wrong too. 

When asking questions around video, going with conventional wisdom may well be damaging for your business.


Because I know the way I answer people’s video questions today compared to just 2 years ago is different.

At times, wildly different.

The ways we can make video for our business is changing. Fast. 

Has conventional wisdom changed in your industry? How?

Do you have a process for deciding what’s old, what’s new, what’s working now?

Love to hear your thoughts on this.


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