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Do You Want To Be A Video Influencer


🎖Does being an influencer matter to you?🎖


🤷🏽‍♂️Curious times huh!


👉🏼Inlfuencers have no expertise

👉🏼Experts have no influence


😞 You can be dispirited about this

😞 you can rail at the selfies and clickbait

😞 You can join the race to the algorithmic bottom


✅ or you can show up

✅ daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

✅ and say 'I see a better future over there. This is how we can get there. Who's coming with me?'


I think that things that matter take time.


When the ship is going down

When the wheels fall off

When the bells and whistles of the insecure and talentless subside


🤜The world will want trusted leaders🤛


They never go out of fashion.

If you get big numbers on social. Great.

If you don't you must keep turning up. 

Why would I follow you if I see that it's not even important enough for you to turn up?

🗣When are you going to show up on video and start telling us about the better future you see for us?


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