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Do you worry about what you look like on video?


Do you worry about what you look like on video?

This advice by Herman Munster in 1965 holds true for everyone in business worried about being on video.

We worry that we will forget what we need to say and look stupid. 

Fair call. 

I used to feel this way. 

I say feel this way because I knew, that although I was no oil painting to look at, this was an emotional response, not a logical one.

I had witnessed the same reactions from people I videoed over the years. I would spend extra time using flattering lighting to make interviewees look great.

In my eyes, they looked a million dollars, but for many they couldn’t see past their perceived flaws. Nothing I did was going to change their opinion of themselves.

Stop you smothering your potential because you think there is something wrong with you, when there simply isn’t.

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