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Does Your Business Have a Video Strategy for COVID Times?

covid strategy video strategy
Does Your Business Have a Video Strategy for COVID Times? Julian Mather Video Strategy Skills Presentation Training

Customer expectations have changed. Personalised service is the new normal. We need to GET PERSONAL in our video strategy.

Get Video S.M.A.R.T.

Videos with these attributes get traction as we work our way through and out of COVID.

Made to measure

Simple - one idea, one video without bells and whistles. Don’t make me work to understand the message. My life is complex enough as it is.


Made to Measure  - broadcasting to the masses is an old idea that has had its time. This one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work on the new self-serve generation who seek the information relevant to them, delivered the way they like it and when they want it. If you don’t provide it - then with a flick of the thumb - they’ll find someone who does.


Authentic - audiences want humans saying this is what I think will help you. They don’t want robots saying this is what I’ve been told to say. They don’t want perfection. They want to know that they aren’t being lied to or manipulated. Politicians, banks and churches are doing that really well.


Respectful - you know how you can quickly scan a written post or email and decide if you are going to invest any further time on it? Video is not like that. One of the drawbacks of video is that you must invest time watching to make that same decision. 

So, videos need to be no fluff, no filler. Your rule of thumb should be: is this video useful enough that they would want to Keep It or Share It. (1) If you don’t respect your customers/clients enough not to send them crap, then - with a flick of the thumb - they’ll find someone who does.


Tight - we live in the attention economy. Don’t make one video with three ideas. Make three videos with one idea. About one hundred years ago US President Theodore Roosevelt fitting advice for the 2020s.

“Be brief, be sincere, be seated”, he said about public speaking.

We should all have it tattooed on our finger that pushes the record button so we are reminded every video. Say what we have to say, say it with meaning, then shut up.

Action Step: Learn the new rules because you can't win the new game of video playing by the old rules.

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