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Don't Believe This AI Myth Making Your Videos

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Don’t believe this AI myth!

I just got this question about AI video automation.

**In my networking group we have someone that uses AI to automate video. Is it worth it?**

Here's what I think...

Sure. AI is here to stay. It has a place. 

If you’ve got info and knowledge to share then it's great for creating content fast. 

I use it

BUT don’t be fooled.

You're not helping me.

Sure you’re creating content to fill your content calendar and that's good for you

but why does that help me? It doesn't.

If I want info and knowledge all I have to do is go straight to Chat GPT and type in my question and it gives me exactly what I want. But it's BEIGE.

So if you want to be BEIGE and blend into the beige background then AI video is for you.

BUT if you want to HELP ME then tell me what you THINK.

And that’s super easy to do

Get into the habit of holding a tablet/phone/laptop with a news article on it and responding to it by telling me what you think. 

That is way more useful to me than just another AI listicle. I’ll work out whether I want to hear more from you.

Forgetting about AI software and focusing on being helpful is going to be far more valuable to you.

What do you think?

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If we haven’t met yet…

I never considered myself good at change until I went from 

-free-range kid to army sniper, 
-wannabe photojournalist to winning national video awards
-fumbling card tricks to professional magician
-never swinging a hammer to building a home
-high school dropout to published author
-business illiterate to building & selling a business
-stutterer to motivational speaker

Turns out I know how to change and I know how to make it simple so others can do it too.




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