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Don’t Lie… Especially On Video

reputation trust

Do you lie? Little white lies maybe?

Have you got a 👉IS THIS TRUE policy👈

On video this is essential. Here's why...

As much as I advocate for video, it has weaknesses. Right now, let me be crystal clear when you shouldn't use it and why. 

As a documentary cameraman, I spent thousands of hours studying people’s faces while they talked. I could always tell when their words lacked conviction. I didn’t know why, I just knew.

Then I worked on a documentary series called Primal Instincts with Dr Paul Ekman also known as "the best human lie detector in the world.”  In between filming, I would discuss my observations with him. He suggested I was picking up on microexpressions. Microexpressions cannot be controlled as they happen in a fraction of a second, they are encoded in facial muscles, they cannot be hidden.

You should never lie on video. 

You will probably not get away with it. We, humans, evolved to have very good lie detectors; the ol' gut feelings. 

Once you post online, you must consider yourself ON THE RECORD forever as there is no way to know if someone has copied and stored your content.

Reputation is your most valuable online currency

because it's not who you say you are, it's who Google says you are. 

I worry about this so I subject every video I publish to this three-word test: Is This True? If not, I don't publish.  

If you did nothing else but ask Is This True, I reckon you'd have long and meaningful relationships with your customers and clients and colleagues. 

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