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Ever Feel Like Changing Your Life, Your Job?


Are you in the wrong race? 🏇🏇🏇


Did you know horse racing makes no sense to the horse?


Horses are social animals.


In the wild, they synchronise their speed to run as a group.


Getting ahead of others increases their risk of individual predation.


So horses are being made to do something they aren’t intended for.


I’ve been doing something I wasn’t intended for


so I’m pulling out of the race.


I’ve been speaking/writing/training/coaching about video for the past 4 years.


I loved my earlier decades as a documentary cameraman. 


I pivoted back to all things video when COVID-19 arrived. It made sense.


But I lay awake at night thinking about speaking from the stage.


If speaking is what I wanted then I knew what I had to do.


And change is not a process, change is a decision.


So 4 months ago I drew a line in the sand. 


Video is no longer my focus. Speaking about CHANGE is.


As it’s Melbourne Cup day 🏇🏇🏇 here in Oz


What about you? Do you ever feel you’re in the wrong race?


What would have to happen for you to switch horses mid-race?




I’m a motivational keynote speaker on Leadership and Change. 


I show business leaders simple ways to give their people the skills and the confidence to get through not only this disruption, but the next, and the next, and next.







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