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Four and a Half Steps From Shy To Shine. A Video Presenters Guide



Want to get good at presenting videos?


Ever wondered about the stages you go through to get there?



1️⃣ Adamantly CAMERA SHY

I bet you’re not. Really. 

I’ve only ever worked with one woman who was clinically camera-shy.

I bet what you are is…


2️⃣ Uncomfortably CAUTIOUS

and why wouldn’t you be! It’s all new to you.

I’m able to get you from here to the next phase in 7 days


3️⃣ Casually CONFIDENT

Imagine giving little thought to jumping in front of a camera.

It’s so liberating to have kicked this whole perfection thing.

You’re powering until…


3️⃣.5️⃣Crushingly INADEQUATE

It just happens. One morning you wake up and it all feels like it has gone to s**t!

By lunchtime, you’re back again. Seems to be a side effect of being human. Happens often.



You can be this. Without a doubt. Turn up on video at the right time with the right answer to someone’s problem and you are the one person in the world they want to hear from.


Want help to overcome the fear of video in 7 days?

There’s a link in the comments









Want help to 

overcome the fear of video in 7 days? ➡️overcomethefearofvideo.com

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