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Video Breakdown

I breakdown a video I’ve seen during the week, look for a lesson that we can apply to our businesses.


Every Great——- starts ——— with——   template


YOU Turn Permitted

Thinking you suck at video is not a life long sentence


Two immediate things people look for when they are deciding whether to watch your video


connect ability

do you know what you’re talking about

do they like you?

but if you could only choose one… which is more important?


Aristotle said if you want to persuade someone

you need to use


Ethos Logos Pathos…


Ethos: your ethical appeal - can they trust you

Logos: your logical appeal - do you make sense

Pathos: your emotional appeal - do they like you


On stage, you have a captive audience and often if you don’t know you want to establish credibility


But video you have no time

and people are more likely to make an emotional decision

about YOU


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