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Getting It Right When Booking A Motivational Keynote Speaker

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1 + 1 = 3

I have gained more traction by knocking back speaking gigs than by doing as many as I can.

If I get a churning in my stomach that the audience isn't right, that they won't take to my style, my message then I listen to that.

I know the sort of people I resonate with and the industries they work in.

When we get together 1+1=3.

So I'm honest when I'm on a briefing call with a potential client.

-I say it's not a good fit
-I don't waste their time
-I recommend another speaker

the I call that speaker and say I have recommended them and ask for nothing in return.

One day, they may do the same for me.


I’m a motivational keynote speaker on Leadership and Change.

I show business leaders simple ways to give their people the skills and the confidence to get through not only this disruption, but the next, and the next, and next.


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