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Getting Likes for Videos Just Got Expensive... really expensive

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One of the premises of Get Video Smart is to help businesses make videos for 'leads' instead of 'likes.' Chasing likes for your videos, in my opinion, is an unwinnable game. Unless you luck upon an organic moment that is utterly compelling and you happened to video it, then you are relegated to contriving video content in an attempt to go viral. To stand out from the crowd nowadays means you need to be willing to play in an arena with larger players with deep pockets. Well, that game just went up a notch.

Nasa to allow commercial access to the International Space Station, so reports The Guardian.

"This will allow private astronauts to spend up to 30 days in low-Earth orbit and businesses to shoot film and adverts in space."

"The change paves the way for the wealthy to rocket from Earth and spend time aboard the astronaut home and laboratory in space, through trips planned by private enterprise, and for businesses to develop products or shoot film – including adverts – in space."

"Nasa said it believes it can accommodate up to two privately funded, short-duration missions a year with, essentially, space tourists."

This isn't going to come cheap.

"Private astronauts will have to reimburse the government for the costs to the space station, including $11,250 a day for life support and toilets, and $22,500 a day for food, air and medical supplies. However, astronauts will have to pay a private company to get to the space station, and those tickets will probably cost millions."

Whatever business takes this opportunity, I'm sure their results will be stunning to watch which means less eyeballs on your videos, and less likes.

Make your business videos for leads. Simple videos targeted to a clear customer or group of customers where you speak directly to them and offer them some solution to their problem. You help people, you humanise your brand, you build know, like and trust with your customers and future clients, you don't have to think what to create because you are simply doing what your business set out to do in its inception.

It sounds so simple that it almost sounds groundbreaking. In a nod to Star Trek, 'Boldly go where no video has gone before...'

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