Give Your Customers The Smart Videos They Deserve


Your customers deserve SMART videos: Simple Meaningful Authentic Relevant and Tight. In this short video, I take you along in real time as I make a SMART video for an event where I was a sponsor.

A SMART video has a thousand faces

A SMART video always speaks to your audiences needs and respects their time.

A SMART video is simple, meaningful, authentic, relevant and tight.

I’m going to show you how to make one as it is happening to me right now.

I was a sponsor at the first Australian Intrapreneur Summit. I told the convenor Dr Irena Yashin Shaw that I’d make a SMART video to promote the conference while I’m there. I thought this would be a great opportunity to take you through the process with me.

SMART videos have four stages of planning





Scripting is not writing word for word. Scripting is simply thinking ahead of time. 

SMART videos have one idea per video.  So if my headline is Intrapreneur is not a spelling error then what is an Intrapreneur?

Everything in this video is recorded on my smartphone. The shooting part is easy now I have a script (or a plan) to go by.

Editing is done in interstitial moments: those gaps between the other major happenings in our day. Interstitial media is a new term (coined by Dan Pink) for short bite-sized bits of media. 

Publishing (with a few #hashtags) is just a few clicks on your screen.

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