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Goodbye Dullsville - weekly inspiration for virtual presenters 15.5.23

May 15, 2023

Today’s inspiring thinking, practical ideas and useful resources for virtual presenters and video content creators


What’s caught my eye this week..


courtesy of (in no particular order)



Batman and Robin

@tamuphysastr  TikTok




Brian Cox (science one)

Steven Pinker




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you can be young

you can be old

you can be quiet

you can be loud

the only thing you can’t be online

is boring






No one likes to be embarrassed, right? No one wants to be called boring.


Here’s how you can present like a pro at short notice.


Get my personal Emergency Presenter Kit for $1.


It is full of audience-pleasing things to say and do when you are called on to give an unplanned presentation. I feel so confident knowing I have these ready at hand. They make me look and sound and feel in control… and now you will too.


Look in my Linkedin profile for this link


Test drive me for $1


or go to www.goodbyedullsville.com







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