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Have Your Employees Got An Attitude

attitude does my job suck

From where you sit, are your employees hobbling the potential of your business to earn greater, do greater, be greater? I’d love to know what you think, in your words, short or long.

What do YOU think is wrong with your employee’s attitude (if anything)?

Tell you why. I have been working with people outside the corporate world and effectively getting them to change their self-sabotaging attitude towards their work. The results are heartening. I have been studying the employee engagement ‘issue’ and I am disheartened. There’s a whole lot of unhappy people at work and a whole industry offering solutions and a whole lot of status quo at the end. Clearly what’s on offer isn’t working. This is why I turn to you.

I am writing a book called Does My Job Suck Or Is It Me? It’s a bottom-up/top-down look at why there are so many unhappy at work and is there a simpler way to fix it. 

Bottom-up: it’s about employees taking full responsibility for their own careers and their own engagement. How is it possible to embrace personal responsibility in a world that doesn’t value it anymore.

Top-down: outside intervention has failed. An engaged workforce starts with you. It’s no longer enough to manage by memo, you must lead by example.  How is this possible to lead courageously in a discouraging world?

This is why I want to hear what YOU think. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see clearly what you can’t. You’ve got to be outside the bottle to read the label.

Speak to me. Everything is in confidence unless you say otherwise. (virtual handshake).

Drop me a line here. Email or phone. I'm happy to call you back. Online Zoom meeting maybe?


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