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Horizontal or Vertical Video for Linkedin?

linkedin social media vertical video widescreen

Use the handy guide below to remember how to frame your Linkedin and other social media videos.

It was all going along just fine. You picked up a camera and it was designed to sit comfortably on your hand and that fitted beautifully with TV screens and cinemas, then somebody stuck a camera in a phone … and phones are designed to be held in one hand....VERTICALLY.

It’s not a stretch to understand how a species that is addicted to convenience evolved to wanting to shoot vertical video.

So which should you shoot? Vertical, Horizontal or Square


RIGHT-CLICK on the image above and save to desktop or device


The horizontal crusaders proclaim that horizontal mimics the human field of vision. If you have two eyes, you are seeing the world in 16x9, widescreen, horizontally. Problem with that is we don’t look at the world much anymore, we seem to vicariously live life through our phones which are vertical.

Vertical is the future! So say the vertical crusaders who neglect to mention that the bulk of business videos are still watched on a desktop and that the 180,000 cinema screens around the world are unlikely to rebuild.

So we have a clash of culture that is not going to resolve and you have to extract yourself from this pointless argument.


and do three things.


  1. Focus on your content. If it’s good and useful, people will crawl over broken glass to get it.

  2. Know your audience and where do they watch video? Then shoot the way that is easy for them.
  3. For Linkedin video, the least effective way to video is vertically, so refer to the guide for horizontal options


So to help you with that, whether it’s vertical, horizontal or square, like this video, I’ve made a handy reference guide to help you. 

Of course, you can shoot vertical video for Linkedin if you choose but know that Linkedin will make it into a square and it unceremoniously chops the top and bottom from your vertical video so make sure you frame accordingly or may end up as a talking nose.

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