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How a Leadership Coach Used Video To Go From Invisible To Booked Solid In 12 Months


Joining me today to tell you that

video shyness is not a life sentence


is a leadership coach who used video

to go from invisible to booked solid in 12 months 


This is the Confident Video Presenter

where I talk to wonderfully imperfect humans

about how they overcame their fear of video


my name is Julian Mather

I’m your host and fellow student

and I too was once terrified of being on video


and I want you to know that you’re not alone

that struggling to show up on video is completely normal

and that there is a simple path to becoming the confident video presenter

that you’ve always wanted to be


and if you just can’t wait

you can start right now

at the Confident Video Presenter Academy

at confident video presenter dot com


and now let’s meet our guest

Welcome ____Jeanette White_____

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