How a Marketer Stepped Up To Make Videos To Make Herself Stand Out


Vanessa Ashworth is a marketing and communications professional who has moved from behind the scenes to in front of the camera lens for her business and career.

Vanessa is also a natural storyteller. 

I came across a video on Linkedin where Vanessa shares an aha moment. It’s a great story and a great lesson and a great example of authentic video. The video is made on-the-fly while she is sorting the washing.


We discuss…

Simple approaches to making videos with just a smartphone.

The importance of captions for your video.

How mature aged women can leverage their decades of experience to their advantage in life, career and on the small screen.

How removing the focus from you to your viewer allows you to make powerful videos.

Worried You Will Be Called Vain If You Appear On Videos

Should I Sit or Stand When Presenting My Videos

What Video Can Do For You On LinkedIn


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Watch the spell-a-thon video here

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