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How Keynote Speakers Can Tell Their Brand Story With Video

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When telling your brand story with video, understand that there are two things that your viewer is looking for in the opening moments of your video.

If these two requirements are met they will likely continue to watch.

1. Warmth 2. Credibility ... and key is that you present these in this order.

Warmth: the viewer wants to know

- are you like me?

If you are human and approachable and don't take yourself seriously and are willing to be imperfect they'll likely think they can relate to you.

Now they think

'I want to be like you'

What have you got to offer? What have you got that will help me? I want the success you have.

This is where you show your credibility.

But warmth opens the door to credibility.

Be human first.

Change you or change the world. Which is easier?

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