How Many Seconds Before Viewers Abandon Your Video


How long should a video be? Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best before the video was invented.

👉 Be sincere, be brief, be seated. 👈 

🔘 Every person making a video or making a speech should have this tattooed on their index finger so every time they extend it to push the record button they are reminded.

Nobody needs, nobody likes, nobody will watch bloated videos. Say what have you have to say and say goodbye.

🔘 You might think that a little glib but it isn’t. It’s not about length as it is about your video being fit for purpose. A long video on your social feed will likely struggle but a 60-minute video to a select audience of qualified information seekers might seem too short.

🔘 Or like Eric Langhoff, measure the data from your audience interacting with your videos.


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