How Many Takes Do Video Pros Make When Recording


How Many Takes Do Video Pros Make When Recording


Are you a one-take wonder? Do you have to be?


If you are then you are in a very small group of people who can do perfect video takes the first time. Most people as Lena Sasardic suggests, take many takes to get it right.


There are pros and cons to doing this. 


Leaving the camera rolling and speaking until you get it right then cutting it all together afterwards into one coherent monologue makes sense BUT


is very time and labour intensive.


The opposite end to this is going LIVE in real-time.


In between are dozens and dozens of hybrid options.


The point I want you to understand is that there are many options you aren’t even aware of, so if you are not making videos because you think the only way is the version that you are playing over and over in your mind, you are probably wrong and… doing yourself a disservice


This is just the start of a larger discussion on ways available to you to make videos.

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