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How Much Money Should I Spend on a Microphone

audacity microphone video

Do you need a microphone to start making videos? Most likely yes. Which one should you get? When we work out your needs that will become clear. Does more expensive mean better? To start making videos the answer is no.

This video (from a podcasting course I once offered) shows how you can take the cheapest of microphones ($50) and using free Audacity sound software turn it into a quality sounding microphone.

I am not suggesting you need to use the microphones described here. I am advocating that you choose carefully whom you take advice from. There is so much noise and misinformation when it comes to all things technical for making your business videos.

This is why I am creating the Get Video Smart community. It's a place for business to go to get fast, clear, knowledgable answers to their business video problems. It's for people making videos for leads, not likes. It's a place for people who need tools, not toys.

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