How To 10X The Value You Get From Professional Video Shoots


Have you felt deflated


when you get your video back from the edit?


Arghh… you look and sound wooden 🙈🙉🙊


Video shoots aren’t cheap.


Here’s a great tip from a pro videographer


to help you get the most bang for your video buck.


It was posted as a comment on a previous LinkedIn post.


“Professional videographer here… my clients who have already started making their own videos get 10x more value working with me vs the clients who haven’t started… and 90% of that is because their nerves are out of the way.”


As it stands now…




You maybe are paying an expensive hourly rate to have someone hold your hand through your initial nerves.


You could be doing this for zero dollars in your spare time with your smartphone.


So if you are planning an upcoming video shoot


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and be well prepared so your expensive video shoot counts.




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