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How to Automatically Add Captions To Your Video As You Speak

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Do you know about Clips?  iOS app that is a simple video editor, almost too simple really except for one thing.  It makes live captions as you speak. This saves you a number of steps and valuable time. Currently, you mostly upload your video to a transcription service like REV and it may take 20 minutes to an hour to get the caption file back, then you need to import this to your edit program, check for errors, then export your final video. I do this all the time and there is nothing wrong with it. If you have a short message that you want to publish for your customers or your staff, this might be a handy tool to have in your business video tool kit. I am certainly using it more and more.

It’s surprisingly accurate and if it does make a mistake you can edit it as easily as you edit a text message

This is Apple iOS only. I can't find a true Android substitute but this will all be standard fare soon. Please let me know if you know an auto video captioning app for Android. I’ll share your knowledge on.

Every year video for business will just get easier and easier. Start now and get in front of this video wave that is coming. Those that do will be a long way in front of their competition.

Step by step instructions are available in the GetVideoSmart Community where we only speak about what you need to use your smartphone to make smart videos to boost business.


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