How To Create Real Value In Your Videos

Do you constantly feel like you are not providing enough value?

I did. For most of my life actually. Probably still do to be honest.

This caused me to make a mistake in a previous business where I created online training courses for professional children’s entertainers.

My first courses were HUGE. I’m talking 155 video lessons…some lessons up to 20 minutes long.

It overwhelmed people. I didn’t understand it wasn’t what they wanted. I thought I was doing them a service by pouring my heart and soul into helping them.

Turns out people don’t want to know everything that’s in your head and heart.

They only want to know the essentials that will get them to where they want to be, in the shortest time possible.

That is where the real value lies for them and you.

So if you have stuff in your head that you want to share with the world then please remember this story. It will make you money.


A ship breaks down in the harbour. 

A mechanic is called. 

An old man with a small tool bag arrives. 

He runs his hands along the big pipes. 

His finger stops on one spot. 

He reaches into his bag and pulls out the tiniest hammer and taps the spot. 

BRMMM! The ship fires to life. 

A week later the invoice arrives. $10,000. What! 

You were hardly there at all. Please send an itemised bill. 

It arrives. Tapping with the hammer $2. 

Knowing where to tap $9,998.


So when you are making a course or writing a book or planning a session…

Remember, people just want to know where to tap.

Show them that and they will feel they have got great value from you.


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