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How To Save Time Using Video

video messaging


Which matters more: pretty or fast?


Pretty sucks!


Pretty pictures are so yesterday.


Pretty pictures are simply the price of entry for all visual media these days.


Want pretty pictures? Then just...


👉🏼grab amazing free ones from services like UNSPLASH


👉🏼 go to FIVVER and talented people will create pretty pictures for bargain prices


👉🏼 type in a few keywords and let the AI-based image and video creation platforms do the work for you


So pretty shouldn’t concern you. 


Pretty is no longer the main game for businesses needing video.




👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 The real game now is time and how you can save it. 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼


With video no longer nice-to-have but a must-have


Making and using video efficiently has become a priority.


BUT here’s the silver lining


There’s a new breed of video messaging apps 


like LOOM


that actually gives you back time


👉🏼 no exaggeration 👈🏼


Here are 3 ways to use video messaging apps to save time…



Meeting convenors can make a 90-second video and send it out prior.

“Hi team… meeting at 11.30… this is the agenda … prepare your contribution … got nothing to contribute, then send me a quick reply and stay focused on your tasks”



You know how you write, edit, rewrite, anguish and rewrite emails. Sometimes a quick message where your recipient can see you raise an eyebrow and tilt your head says it all.



You know how you try and choose the right emoji in your texts and still you get a reply asking WHY ARE YOU ANGRY WITH ME? Eight texts later you think you have it sorted but still you feel the need to pop your head in and explain what you meant. Video messaging solves this.









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