How To Spot The Virtual Amateur

How To Spot The Virtual Amateur


An easy hack to lift your virtual game…


✅Tech checks before a live or virtual presentation should be so easy yet we make them so difficult for the person who needs to set the sound levels for your session.


✅They ask for a sound level. Most people tap the microphone and say test one two test one two.’


If you want to act professionally, get the tech crew on your side and give yourself the greatest chance of sounding the best you can, then have a short poem/line from a movie/prose/limerick as your go-to sound check piece.


This is mine.


I wish I was a glow worm

A glow is never glum

Cause how can you be gloomy

When the sun shines out your bum


✅You can deliver it at full-tilt delivery volume and the tech team can set your level correctly.


✅They win. You win. It’s so easy yet is rarely done.



Have you got a sound test favourite you want to share?



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