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How to Write a Script for a Marketing Video

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4 Simple Templates for Writing Video Scripts. I get asked this a lot👉How to Write a Script for a Marketing Video👈 and I reply ‘conversationally’.

Use these prompters and don’t overthink it!

These are not mine. I have collected these over the years and are part of a larger collection I’ll share over time.

How to use them: Read them to yourself in a light animated tone then keep going and add your own content. Rinse and repeat. Just brainstorm. Keep the rhythm going. Don’t over-explain.


  • You know how…
  • Well…
  • In fact…
  • So…


  • I help these people…
  • With these issues…
  • Get these results…
  • For this much work…
  • For this much money


  • Is it easy?
  • Does it work?
  • Can I do it?   (add testimonials to prove it's achievable)


  • So what’s my problem
  • How are you solving it
  • Why should I trust you
  • Who else has trusted you
  • What great things happened for them


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