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How To Write Video Scripts With Operative Words

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What I am about to tell you is REALLY REALLY important. 

It’s REALLY important that you put the…

emphasis on operative words.

Operative words are the words that communicate meaning. 

These are generally verbs and nouns. 

They do the heavy lifting about getting your message across. 

These are the words you emphasise to get your message across.

If you had listened to me many years ago you would have heard something similar. 

I used to feel a sense of panic being in the spotlight, and my emotional side would step in to speak for me when my logical side couldn’t think of what I should be saying. 

To make it seem as though I knew what I was talking about I would become overly passionate. 

I was hoping my passion covered my lack of logic.

The opening sentence of this post was purposefully wrong.



It’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you put the emphasis on operative words.



It’s really important that you PUT THE EMPHASIS ON OPERATIVE WORDS.

Writing out the main points you want to make in your video, and highlighting the operative words, will make your videos more effective.

How To Write Video Scripts With Operative Words 

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