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Irritated Oysters Make Lovely Pearls

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When you understand this and you’re willing to sit with being a little bit uncomfortable every day by pushing ⇢⇢⇢yourself just outside your comfort zone then you won’t even notice the niggle after a while. It will be your new normal. That’s when stuff starts happening for you. 💪👏




If we haven’t met yet…


I never considered myself good at change until I went from


-free-range kid to army sniper,

-wannabe photojournalist to winning national video awards

-fumbling card tricks to professional magician

-never swinging a hammer to building a home

-high school dropout to published author

-business illiterate to building & selling a business

-stutterer to motivational speaker


Turns out I know how to change and I know how to make it simple so you can do it too.



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