Is 8 Seconds Too Short For Videos?


Are our modern-day proverbs memes?

What about video? Could we have something better than just GIFs?

Could you write a proverb?

I challenged myself to give it a go.

I listened to a podcast about how you can use proverbs, the tiniest of stories, to make your points stick.

It was with Ron Ploof, author of The Proverb Effect.

Proverbs are remembered for centuries:

-Two wrongs don’t make a right.

-When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

-Fortune favours the bold.

Short and simple, yet so impactful. 

So I challenged myself to give a video lesson with context and key messages in 8 seconds.

Here is another experimental video: part 3 of 4

I’ve made 4 of these so far. They require so much work in the scripting. As Winston Churchill said, ‘if I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter’.

🗣 This is the 8-second script from this video


video is not radio

video doesn’t need a thousand words

videos power is pictures

show don’t tell

This is 18 words. The shorts of the 3 examples so far. It has so much more time for the delivery to breathe. Compare it to number one which was 33 words and very very rushed.

The reason I’m doing them is 

1. ✅the challenge

2. ✅these now will become end titles for other videos. So my call to action will have another key learning lesson built into my branding.

Is this wise or unwise? I don’t know. I’m testing.

Love to know your thoughts?

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