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Is This Why You Are Struggling To Show Up On Video



You know how somebody once said something to you...


or you maybe said it to yourself...


I'm too fat


I'm not smart enough


I stumble my words


I'm not creative


I've got a bad memory


My voice is awful


I'm hopeless with tech


I'm not the expert


I get so nervous


I'm the only one who can't do it




you've grown up and moved past all this


Truth is...  that stuff is like wrinkles in the paper


Once the paper is scrunched


you can flatten it back nice and smooth


but those darn wrinkles are still there.


If you're struggling to show up on video


I'll bet you there's a wrinkle or two there.


I can't get rid of your wrinkles




I can point them out to you


and you can compare them to mine


and you know what?


I reckon you'll say 


'Hmpff!... I've got character wrinkles!'


and you'll realise these are what make you interesting


and these will make you interesting on video.


The wrinkles never go away.


Lucky you.







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