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Keep This Simple Tool In Your Pocket And Be More Confident When Public Speaking

balloon props public speaking self confidence video

Do you want something that costs ten cents, you can put in your pocket and it will give you confidence when speaking in front of people?

There’s only one thing worse than singing the wrong note, that’s singing it louder.

People proudly show me their videos for business - and speaking on video is public speaking - and I see the same things over and over again that simply shouldn’t be there. These errors detract from the core message. Ultimately they cost you money.

People would never include these things if they understood some fundamentals like 

  • the purpose of your video
  • the psychology of your audience
  • the mechanics of storytelling

To give you an example of the importance of understanding fundamentals I’m going to show you a great tool that solves the problem of what do I do if things go wrong and I’m just left standing there on stage. This is a fear that stops a lot of people speaking.

This was one of a series of emergency outs that I developed when I was a magician. I’ve taught this to thousands of people around the world in a course I called the Magic Safety Net.

It works brilliantly ONLY if you understand WHY it works.

So I’ll show it to you but in your interest, you must stay around for the explanation otherwise you will fall into the same trap that those who wanted to shortcut the true learning on this.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the perfect time for me to show you a little something I’ve been working on ...

See the 3 balloon animals video above

The reason this works is because of tension.

The first two animals, the chicken and the cow, are lame. Your audience is thinking you are an idiot for doing these. That’s what you want. You want to create a momentary discomfort and unease. That is tension. The greater the tension you create the greater the reaction you get when you release that tension.

Just like stretching a rubber band. The more you stretch it, the more you bring it under tension, the bigger the ‘thwack’ when you release it.

I show this 3 balloon animals to people and they come back and say it didn’t work.

I ask them to walk me through exactly how they did it.

Well, I dropped the chicken and the cow because they were sort of dumb and I felt silly.

and I say how's that been working out for you and they say not as good as I had hoped 

and I say hmmm. …

And this is why my Get Video Smart workshops are very low on tech talk. You don’t need me to tell you how to push the red button. By understanding WHY you will make twice as many videos in half the time.

Speaking confidently on video is fast becoming an essential career tool.  Come and get video smart at GetVideoSmart.com

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