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Motivational Speaker Or Motivating

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Noun or Verb. Which are you. Your answer can change your life. Learn how to change and get a fresh start with motivational speaker Julian Mather

Are you a noun or a verb?


How you answer this can change your life. It changed mine.




—— /// ——


This is a practical technique I have used for years 


to live the life I want 

to do the things I want to do

to be the person I want to be


Are you a noun or a verb?


— A NOUN —


I’m a marketer

I’m a veterinarian

I’m a claims assessor


For decades I answered I’m a cameraman.


Correct - yes

Practical - yes

Limiting - yes


So I changed to being 


— A VERB —


I’m a person who shoots documentaries for TV


Then I widened the net…


I’m a person who records factual events on film


wider still…


I’m a person who tells stories with pictures


And there it was: I tell stories


So where else could I tell stories? 


I mean, I’ve got that storytelling skill under my belt already, right?


What can I learn and value-add to that?


This simple step was the genesis for me to become a motivational speaker a decade later. I now do it on stage instead of with a camera. Something I never - in a million years - imagined I could do.


Just change from a noun: I am a ….


to a verb: I am a person who….


Give it a try. Strip away all the jargon, ego, and status signalling and widen out until you get to the nub of what it is that you do. Then feel the world open up to you.


What did you find? Share it here and inspire others. Stuck starting? Let the crowd here workshop it further for you.





Change you or change the world. Which is easier?

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